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What Is Pro Rev Share (PRS)?

PRS is a uniquely designed advertising and income platform for everyone (18 years and older) with Internet access anywhere in the world. We offer our members an excellent advertising platform with a 30 site banner exchange and a very rewarding affiliate program with daily sponsor bonuses.

How Does PRS work?     

PRS operates on a Daily Advertising Package. Each DAILY advertising package is $0.50 per day. You may deposit funds into your account and work from there. Once you deposit the minumum of $15, you can purchase a daily subscription. Once you upgrade $15 is transferred into your subscription wallet. Each day $0.50 is deducted from your subscription wallet. Each day you will receive 1 new revenue share ad package. .

How Do I Fund The Daily Subscription?

We have integrated a deposit system into the PRS back office. Once you fund your account and place a daily order you are active and if you can sustain your account, you may not have to fund your account again and the daily fee will come out of your available balance each day. If your subscription comes around the next day and your available balance does not have at least $0.50 in it you will need to fund your account from the payment processor of your choice.

What Is The Minimum Amount To Fund An Account Balance?

Your initial account funding must be at least $15.00. This will cover 30 days worth of subscription.

Is the 130% guaranteed?

The 130% is from other ad packages sold. The revenues are dispersed in realtime as people purchase more ad packs. If there is an influx of purchases the sharing is slower, if there are many purchases the sharing is faster. All earnings as with other programs are not guaranteed.

How Fast Will My Advertising Positions Mature?

We have no way of knowing how fast your positions will mature as this is based on the number of ad packages being purchased each day. That is why we do not have an earning or income guarantee nor do we have a cycling guarantee as this depends on too many external factors of which we do not have any control over. Our pay plan has been designed with the greatest care and effort to have our members postions maturing as fast as possible.

How Much Does Every Level Pay When They Are Completed?

Each ad package can mature at $0.65.

 What Payment Processors Does PRS Use?

We accept deposits via Bitcoin and Solid Trust Pay.

Are Free Members Allowed?

Yes, we do allow free memberships here at PRS.   

How doe PRS expect the subscriptions to stay active?

All commissions are subject to a 20% repurchase rule. This will automatically go into your subscription wallet to help keep your subscription active and renewing each day.

Can I Have More Than One Account Per Household?

YES!  Members may create multiple accounts using different email addresses per account. Each new account created carries the same $0.50 per day advertising fee per account.

What Are Your Membership Requirements?

You must be at least 18 years or older, have access to the Internet and a computer. PRS is a worldwide advertising and income platform and open to everyone who meets the previously stated minimum requirements. Requirements may be subject to change due to USA regulations.

How Does The Referral Program Work?

When you recruit a member to PRS, you will receive direct referral commissions of 10%.

Do I Need To Refer/Sponsor Others In Order To Earn With PRS?

No, sponsoring is not required to earn with PRS. You may earn through the purchasing of ad packs via our compensation plan without referring; however, we do recommend referring to see faster results.

What Happens If I Am Unable To Fund My Account Balance When The Daily Advertising Is Up For Renewal Each Day?

Once your account balance diminishes to zero and you have not funded it to support your monthly subscription, the script will automatically renew when your subcription balance hits $0.50..

Do I Receive A New Ad Package Each Day?

Yes. As long as you have sufficient funds in your account balance you will receive a new position each day. 

What Is The Withdrawal Policy?

The moment you have a minimum of $15 in your available balance, you can request a withdrawal of your funds. The maximum daily withdrawal limit is currently $100.00. A withdrawal fee of 5% is charged and deducted from your withdrawal request to cover program overhead costs, such as dedicated server and general advertising costs. You cannot withdraw funds from your subscription wallet, only your available balance..

How Many Withdrawals Can I Request?

You may request one withdrawal per 24 hours. The withdrawals are processed daily; however, please  allow us up to 72 hours to process and pay out your withdrawal request. If you do not receive your payout request within 72 hours, please check your profile information to ensure you have submitted your correct payment processor details. If that info is correct, please submit a support ticket and we will check this asap.

What Is The Deposit And Withdrawal Fee?

There is a 5% deposit fee for all deposits and withdrawals.

What Is Your Refund Policy?

Due to the REAL TIME earning structure and instant access to our products and advertising system we cannot and will not allow any refunds. The moment you make a deposit, you agree to our No Refund Policy and you agree to never request a refund as this would be a fraudulent act on your part and would cause us to sue you to the fullest extent of the law. You are purchasing Non-Refundable Advertising credits. Members are advised to keep this in mind when they are making their purchases.


Absolutely NOT. Pro Rev Share is an advertising platform that provides banner and text ads based on credits to help members promote their primary and secondary businesses. We also offer our members a very rewarding Affiliate program with sponsor bonuses when they sponsor/refer others who also purchase advertising credits with our program

What Is Your SPAM Policy?

We have a "Zero Tolerance" Spam policy. If you cannot prove that you are innocent, you will be deleted immediately and forfeit all earnings you may have accumulated. No kind of IP messaging is allowed. Any spam complaint due to use of IP messengers will cause you to lose your membership without prior notice or warning. If we are forced to close down or lose our domain because of anyone spamming, we will pursue this to the fullest extent of the law. It may be wise to use a redirect link that cloaks the real URL if you are not 100% sure that your advertising is safe.

Is My Personal Information Safe With PRS?

Yes. Any personal information that you provide to us is collected solely for our use and your information will never be shared, rented, sold or provided to anyone except as required by law. Please refer to our Privacy Policy located in the Terms and  Conditions.

What Support Options Does Pro Rev Share Offer Its Members?  

PRS has all the support options you need to get in touch with the admins and support staff instantly or as soon as possible. Our main support tool is our support ticket system located at the top of the website under the menu link "Contact Us.”